EGHS girls swimmer break school record

Elizabeth Letkiewicz, Staff Reporter

The Elk Grove High School girls swimming team made Grenadier aquatics history.

During an IHSA sectional meet in November, Grenadier swimmers broke a new record.

Swimmers Rachel Ford, Natalie Wlodarz, Kylie Rittle, and Michelle Cobirzan were responsible for breaking the previous record from 2010.

Rittle, an EGHS freshman swimmer, said the new record gives the team momentum.

“I’m kind of looking for room to improve and breaking the record was just the start,” Rittle said.

The girls said they were ecstatic to break a record and couldn’t wait for their names to appear on the record board.

“The girls are competitive and love to race,” EGHS swimming coach Dave Toler said. “These are great girls and we’re certain that more records will be broken in the future.”

Toler added that he was pleased the girls performed successfully at the meet because of the overlapping of the winter sports season in mid-November.

“It’s nice to know that the girls are still getting recognition because they get surpassed with the beginning of the winter sports,” Toler said.