Sophomore breaks school records, dives into finals


Jason Spjuth

BREAKING RECORDS: Sophomore Anna Sprenger qualified for state two years in a row, putting in work every single day to qualify this year. This season, Sprenger broke both diving records held at Elk Grove.

Elise Stornello, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Anna Sprenger beat both EG diving records and earned a spot in the State competition. This feat is not easy to do as a much more experienced senior, let alone a sophomore. But this is not her first trip to state.

Sprenger amazingly qualified her freshman year as well.

This time around wasn’t as new to her, “The state competition made me a little nervous, but [she] also felt fairly calm. Being a state qualifier last year eased [her] nerves for this year since [she] had an idea of what to expect.”

Months of practice and drilling went into her accomplishment of qualifying for state. Sprenger practiced every single day and made sure she put in the best

effort possible on all of her skills.
“To be on the team you need lots of dedication and commitment. If you don’t come to practice every single day before school, then you can’t expect to get better and to be in all the meets. It takes a lot of effort to get where you

want to be.”
Her coaches pushed her to new

limits knowing what she was capable of. Increasing skill is difficult for diving competitions since tiny details can be the difference in points.

Sprenger felt intimidated by state but also felt a sense of accomplishment. She worked as hard as possible every day to get where she did, and making it to state validated all the work she put in. Her teammates encouraged her, supported her with many signs and

attended every meet. Having such a big support system created an even bigger drive for Sprenger.

Sprenger’s favorite part of this past season was beating both EG diving records.

Accomplishing this as early as her sophomore year creates a bright pathway for her future.

Sprenger will continue her diving career throughout high school and she will see if her life after entails diving.