Girls swim team makes improvement in stride

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

The girls swim team here at Elk Grove High School has been making a splash in its competitors’ pools. The team so far this year has been good, “but not the best,” senior Lilly Lawrin said. However, all the positivity is in their coach. “[The team has been] very good. Our numbers are almost double what we’ve had in the last 10 years,” swim coach David Toler said.

The team has gained a lot of new kids.

“Definitely the biggest team we’ve ever had at Elk Grove,” Toler said.

The team has been looking up. They won their first duel meet against Schaumburg, which is definitely a sign of improvement compared to last year, where they did not win a single one.

The girls on the team believe that their team is going to be “very strong,” freshman diver Anna Sprenger said. The girls are very passionate for the sport, and surely swim their hardest. Besides their passion, what is amazing is their sportsmanship. Win or lose, they participate for the fun of it.

“We’re a family,” Sprenger and Sophomore Abby Farmer said.

They have many goals for their team, ranging from simply breaking their time to getting above 8th in the Suburban League contest meet.

The team’s improvements from years before are sky rocketing upwards. There is definitely good to come.