Hard work leads to improvements for girls swim team

Jacky Pano, Staff Reporter

What can we expect from the girls swimming and diving team this season?

For coach Toler the strongest characteristic of his team would be that “ a number of the girls are willing to work hard, they work well together, comradery and teamwork.” If there’s one thing the team could work on it is they need to continue to push their limits and they need to understand their capability. One thing coach Toler hopes to get out of this season would be “for every girl to get their best time, individual improvement, strive to move up in conference. This year they have the opportunity to improve.” One way coach Toler and the coaching staff pump up the team at practices and before games they try to prepare and push the girls to race the way they practice at the actual meets.

The sportsmanship on this team is “excellent and cohesive. The girls constantly push each other.”

Sophomore Rachel Ford has been on the swim team for 2 years but has been swimming for at least 8 years. “ The reason I continue swimming is because of the teammates and the pasta parties.” Ford’s favorite thing about swimming is “pumping up the jams in the locker room during morning practices. My least favorite thing about swimming is not having warm ups/parkas.” This season, Ford believes that “our team as a whole will be a lot better than last year. I have already noticeably gotten better from last year, so I’m excited to get faster times in my races.”

Freshman Natalie Wlodarz has been swimming since she was in 2nd grade. “ It was hard at the beginning, but everyday I was determined to do better than the day before. I’ve had my ups and downs but that’s the whole part of the sport; you’re not just born good. I think that the main reason that I keep coming back is because I simply love it! Every year I meet people, and every year I love pushing myself to do better than the previous season. Swimming is who I am.” Wlodarz’s favorite thing about swimming is “ the different people you meet along the way are my best friends today. They push me to my limits.”

Her least favorite thing is “when you are going for a certain time that you worked so hard for and you end up missing it by a little. It hurts a lot and and it’s hard to just move on but you must fix what you did wrong and keep working so you get it next time.” Wlodarz’s favorite memory while on the team is “the daily practices I spend with my friends. We see each other at a vulnerable position, and we support each other along the way. No two practices are alike and there’s always a new funny random story one of us has to share. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and I am forever grateful for their endless support.”