Girls tennis creates positive environment and strong traditions

Jacky Pano, Staff Reporter

Girls tennis has the biggest turnout in years with more than 50 girls. Coach Kristen Fisher has been coaching the girls tennis team for nine years. Coach Fisher thinks “playing tennis year round is always a good way to keep up during the off season. Private lessons are always a good idea as well as group instructions.”

Before every meet, the girls have a tradition of doing a group cheer that surely gets the team excited before their meets.

The athletic board gifted two boom boxes, which are used for music during cardio. It has become a new tradition. The goal for this season is growing in mindset for the girls as well as always looking to improve physically and mentally. Some strong characteristics of this team are that the girls are always willing to help each other out. The more experienced girls are willing to help the new members. They all have a positive attitude towards their game.

For senior varsity member Mereesa Valera, her favorite part of being on the tennis team is “getting the opportunity to play at invites on Saturdays and possibly win a medal. It gets really competitive, and I like the environment,” Valera said.

Valera has been on the team for four years.

“The reason I keep coming back to it is because I enjoy the thrill of coming to tennis practice after school and playing on those courts. When I play tennis I kind of forget about the things that stress me out, like homework or tests; it’s like an outlet away from school.”

What she hopes to get out of this season is to enjoy her last year with her teammates and make memories that she will remember forever.

Junior Lauren Oda has been on the tennis team for three years now including this season. The reason she keeps coming back is because she loves the sport as well as her teammates. Her favorite part of it all would have to be “the times when we’re waiting for the last match to finish and the team sits together cheering them on.”

Her least favorite part is “the away games because we get back to the school so much later, and there is nothing like your home court.” This season, Oda hopes to qualify for state, and she plans to play tennis in college.