Girls excel on tennis team

Jack Stornello, Copy Editor

It’s a new year for the girls tennis team, and with it comes new opportunity. The opportunity for success has returned along with the new season, and the team intends to make the most of it.

September was a very busy month with the team having several matches each week.

The year has looked promising from almost the very beginning. In mid-September the team placed second in the Sara Jackson EGHS Tennis Invite.

With success, though, comes the question of “How?” How does one achieve success in tennis? How does a player excel, how do they become truly great at the sport?

“To be a great tennis player, I think it takes a growth mind set, grit perseverance [and] athleticism,” said head coach Kristen Fisher.

“You need to be strong both mentally and physically. Sound footwork is important. I think it’s a lot better at the college level than the high school level; you could have great technique, great skills, but you can only go so far without the footwork. You definitely need to be consistent in tennis, whatever player’s making more errors, that’s who’s eventually going to lose. You need to be coachable, a good communicator, have a strong desire to win and really practice a lot, not only during the season but most importantly during the offseason.”

Furthermore, sophomore Alyssa Choporis believes that excelling at tennis requires “lots of dedication and practice.”

“You put your time and effort into practicing and try your hardest if you really want to excel,” Choporis said.

Junior Ashley Szull’s belief on the subject is largely centered around teamwork.

“In my opinion, to be a great tennis player you have to be committed, not only to the sport but also to your team,” Szull said. “A great tennis player supports fellow teammates while they are playing. They are encouraging and helpful. They give helpful advice, and they are respectful to others. A great tennis player leads by example and is someone who is approachable and friendly. A great tennis player is willing to work with others and not isolate themselves from the team. They love both their sport and their team.”

In sophomore Millenni Feliciano’s mind, success in tennis “takes a lot of focus and mental strength,” as one may get “frustrated or upset with yourself or your teammate.”

“You don’t want to lose your cool and lash out or show your weakness that they are getting to you,” Feliciano said. “You want to look intimidating and that you can get along and stay calm and positive and give it all you got.”

For one to be great at tennis, to truly excel and find success, it seems many things are required. From the tangible and the technical, such as practice and teamwork, to the less tangible, like mental toughness and the drive for victory. The girls hope their success will carry throughout the rest of the season.