Julian’s Top 5 Halloween Movies

Julian Koonce, Sectional Editor

It’s the season of the witch, which means there’s no better time to look back on the best movies of Halloween’s past — according to me — than the first day of November. I’m back and ready for spooks, laughs, goofs and gaffes just one day after Halloween.

However, beware the scariest thing of all: My opinions on Halloween movies.

5) “Coraline” – Now, I’m someone who doesn’t really have the best memory, but when a child experiences a traumatic event like Coraline, it tends to stick with them. The stop motion animation is such a great fit in this Tim Burton-esque world, not to mention the excellent voice acting and original score.

This movie left me and all the other kids from my generation permanently scarred. Watching this one again still sends chills down my spine. During my rewatch I did pass on the fear to my younger sister, who is 8, so let’s see how that pans out.

4) “Corpse Bride” – I’ve always enjoyed Burton’s movie palette, and in this one, it’s no different. I enjoy how the world of the living

is so dull and overcast while ironically, the world of the dead is so vibrant and full of life.

Johnny Depp is excellent in his role as Victor and is in no bad company with Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee, accompanied by Danny Elfman’s beautiful original score. I feel “Corpse Bride” is one of the most visually appealing films on the list, and I always think it’s a must- watch around Halloween time

3) “Beetlejuice” – No, I will not say his name three times in this article, but Burton’s classic spooky comedy stars Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Greena Davis and Alec Baldwin scored yet again by the great Danny Elfman. Are you starting to notice a theme?

“Beetlejuice” has some really fun visuals and has inspired plenty of films that have come after it. It also kickstarted a bit of a resurgence of goth culture. I’ve always found it funny that the living seem to be worse off than the dead in this movie. The dark humor and themes of Beetle—, uh, I mean, this movie make it a classic Halloween film.

2) “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

– “The Great Pumpkin” originally premiered as a prime time television special in 1966, and it’s based on the “Peanuts” comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. This really is a classic that every generation can enjoy and one everybody does during this time of year.

This special is just so pure and innocent. It has been passed down generation to generation and plays all over TV every year. Also, nothing has ever perfectly encapsulated my trick- or-treating experience so accurately.

1) “Halloween” (1978) – It’s always great to show appreciation to the true classics and genre starters, but I’m not just loving it because it’s old. John Carpenter iconically scores and directs his cult classic starring Jaime Lee Curtis in his almost bloodless slasher flick.

It’s remarkable that after 40-plus years the film still remains one of the best horror movies ever. The cinematography and score are unique and revolutionary in the genre, and it has inspired countless movies after it. I feel this is the best movie to watch with a group of friends during the Halloween season for those thrills.