Guest column: Which combat game is most worth your attention?

Ben Vysnia, Guest Columnist

Fighting games have been and will continue to be one of the most popular genres of video games. Generally, there are two types of fighting games out there.

On one hand, there’s the type where you work to lower the opponent’s health to zero mainly through combos, and then there are games like “Super Smash Bros.”

Because of my experience, I can truly give my opinion on which type is better from a casual player’s point of view. I’ll be comparing two popular fighting games. I’ll be examining “Super Smash Bros.” (SSB) and “Dragon Ball FighterZ” (DBF), another fantastic game, and the second most popular fighting game behind SSB.

I’ve personally played both of these games and got a good experience from both of them.

If we take a look on Twitch, a very popular site for video game streaming, we’ll see that SSB has more viewers than any other fighting game. As of the publishing time, there are approximately 5,600 live viewers of SSB.

On the other hand, DBF is further down with 1,600 live viewers. When there is a tournament of some sort for one of these games, of course the numbers are going to be higher. But currently, there are no live tournaments occurring as of the time I collected those numbers.

Moving past the popularity, let’s look at these games side by side. When you load into SSB, you notice that the menu is very self explanatory and easy to navigate. When playing the campaign there always seems to be an odd twist to almost every level to spice things. Although it was kind of annoying in some parts, the campaign was a fun experience overall.

Then, I hopped into multiplayer. Being the casual that I am, I got destroyed, but I felt I got better at the game the more I played it. Honestly, SSB lives up to the hype and notoriety as a fighting game.

DBF also has a comparable gaming experience. When you enter into the menu, you’re in a lobby featuring a set characters that you can change through while spending coins at the shop. You have to run to whatever area you want to go to.

For example, if you want to do the story mode, you would have to run to a specific platform on the right side of the screen. I liked the originality, as I hadn’t seen anything like this in the past. The only problem I have with it is that it’s slightly tedious to walk to every area.

The story, at least to me, was dry. I grew up a huge DBZ fan, and I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the story. I felt bored by how many times you had to fight enemies just to clear a level.

It helps you hone your skills at the game, but I wish they found a way to make it more interesting. I barely got my feet wet with the online play, and from what I experienced, I didn’t really find it exciting. But at least it’s way more fun to sit in a room with your friends screaming at each other while playing DBF.

Overall these are two solid games that are both worth the time and money. I had to pick one type of combat-style, it would be “Super Smash Bros.” for the various reasons stated.