EGHS shifts from hybrid learning to remote learning

Gavin Ewen, Sectional Editor

For about a month prior to the adaptive pause Township High School District 214 Superintendent David Schuler announced Nov. 23, all schools in the district rolled out hybrid learning plans to allow students into the buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hybrid learning rotations had been divided into three groups. Two hybrid learning groups were allowed in the building in the month of November compared to just one group in October when hybrid learning started. 

“There was a lot of math and technology that went into this,” EGHS assistant principal for student services Val Norris said via email. 

EGHS faculty and staff, including Norris, spent some time looking at the pattern of attendance and determined it was safe for two groups of learners to be in the building at once in November and still meet Covid-19 safety protocols. After planning all of District 214 and EGHS was able to pull this off. 

“I strongly feel that our teachers, counselors and all staff were committed to making this work,” Norris said via email. 

Norris said she stressed that this only got done because of one thing: teamwork. 

“We have done so much work and planning since March, really,” Norris said in an email. “There are many people with the levels of expertise in this building and district, and it was helpful to have a whole team working on this.”

And when there was in-person learning, Norris said she loved how students were keeping their masks on and staying safety-oriented.

Although there is full remote learning right now, all options are still on the table for the spring semester. One thing that is certain is EGHS will keep the same block schedule for the second semester. 

“There are so many unknowns for next year, that we are just focused on getting the students’ courses for next year in,” Norris said in an email. “This is a day by day, week to week operation.” 

Norris said she would love to see all students back in the building this year eventually as long as it were safe and practical. 

“I do really hope that we can offer something for every student’s needs,” Norris said via email.

Also, the district did not allow any students or staff in the building for the week after Thanksgiving, and then for the week after winter break. These are full-on remote learning periods where students have to attend classes. This period was put into place as a Covid-19 precaution if anyone who traveled for Thanksgiving or winter break. 

Despite information and plans constantly changing, Norris said she feels good about the future and hopes Elk Grove can get everyone back into the school soon.

“Any students who wished to come in had the opportunity, and I feel good about that,” Norris said via email.