Estudiantes group recruits

Jacklyn Pano, Staff Reporter

What is Estudiantes Unidos? Well, to sponsor Ricky Castro, this club is all about empowering community members to grow, teaches leadership skills and to lead social reform. What made this club happen was the need for role models and the desire to change views at an early age. The idea of Estudiantes Unidos is that each generation takes responsibility for the next. There are a lot of kids without positive influences, and they wanted to fill that void through service learning and mentoring. The hope for this club is growth both academically and socially, and for students to become ready for college and careers by developing character that’s necessary.

This club has many events throughout the year but some of Castro’s favorites would have to be “summer camps that go on around the neighborhoods, the Cinco de Mayo celebration that lets parents participate and retreats.” Also, if he had to guess, Castro believes the student’s favorite would be when they have a chance to participate in service learning. Students also have the pleasure of mentoring younger students.