Scholastic Bowl hosts trivia night

Gaby Perez, Staff Reporter

The Scholastic Bowl team will be hosting a trivia night on Oct. 13 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. All grade levels are welcome to join in this Student vs. Staff Game Night.

The Scholastic Bowl is a quiz competition, similar to Jeopardy, that tests players on their knowledge of several academic subjects. Students are encouraged to attend the trivia night by Ms. Montemayor to get a feel for what competing in the Scholastic Bowl is like.

This club is currently searching for new members to complete this year’s roster. Participants can either make the combined freshmen/sophomore or the varsity team. Any student interested is invited to come by and try it out. Besides becoming more knowledgeable on crucial material, this team promotes meeting new peers of varying age groups, all while competing in a fun trivia game.

If there are further questions regarding the Scholastic Bowl Team, contact Ms. Montemayor in the mastery lab.