Announcements provide opportunity

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

Morning announcements is an activity that may interest those who enjoy technology, speech, or an activity that will look good on a college resume. This year, morning announcements was granted $20,000 for new equipment. This new equipment consists of cameras, video switcher, audio board, etc.

This activity is for those who aspire to be an anchor in a newscast or someone working the technology. Also, it is a strong speech experience and a great way to work with technology.

Morning announcements requires students arrive to school at 7:35 every morning to set up for the daily broadcast. Setting up for the announcements usually is setting up lights by getting them focused, getting the audio boards and video switchers ready to work and making sure videos sent to the morning announcements are formatted correctly.

Tom Bestor, Morning Announcements sponsor, said “students run for experience” and “no one is forced to get on camera.”

This program allows studentsto get involved in an activity that offers many roles such as the anchor, Teleprompter, talents (those who run the camera). Since there is a lot of equipment, Morning announcements provides the opportunity for students to learn technology. Roles are switched around for everybody to have an all around knowledge of the technology and being an anchor.