Blog: Who are the top Fantasy Football sleepers this 2021 season?

Zachary Thome, Staff Reporter

Here’s a look at Zach’s fantasy football sleeper picks for this 2021 season. 


QB’s- Quarterbacks are probably the most productive positions week after week but there’s some that you should prioritize getting.


  1. Jalen Hurts – He’s only had a few career starts but has the 2nd most rushing yards for a QB so far this year only behind Lamar Jackson.
  2. Matthew Stafford – He is in a new look offense and he has Sean McVay. He’s looking to throw 300 yards a game consistently including a few touchdowns. He is most likely going to give you 20-plus points week after week.
  3. Kyler Murray – There isn’t much to say about this guy, other than the fact that he’s a stud. He’s in an offense that loves to throw the ball downfield and he is accurate. He’s looking to have an MVP-like season.
  4. Justin Herbert – Herbert has a roughly 70 percent completion rate, meaning out of 10 throws he’s going to make seven of those count for a fair amount of yards. He’s probably going to start throwing a lot of touchdowns too.

 Running Backs are more of a touchdown-dependent position, so you have to go for the right ones who get more volume, which consists of both action in the running game and throwing game.

  1. Saquon Barkley – Barkley looked like he wasn’t going to produce, but he is coming off an ACL tear and needed to be eased into the workload. He got a big workload the past couple weeks, and he is one of the highest-targeted backs the past few weeks in the Giants receiving game. He is also catching 85 percent of the passes that go his way.
  2. Najee Harris – He is looking like the most productive rookie out of the whole class. He is receiving almost more than any other back in the league, and he is becoming the star of that offense very quickly and might finish in the Top 10 for fantasy running backs. Expect his tds to go up.
  3. James Robinson – Coach Urban Meyer wanted him to battle with Carlos Hyde, and Robinson clearly won the job. His production has tripled since Week One, but he isn’t seeing great receiving value. In a weak Jaguars offense, he is the biggest threat.

Wide Receivers are probably the most productive spot of a fantasy team. They will usually carry your team for a win if you pick the right ones. There are some in the game with very high upside, although they aren’t a touchdown dependent position like running backs are. They will usually give you consistent point values.


  1. Cooper Kupp – This Stafford pick-up has made this Rams offense look unbeatable. The main part of it is the connection between him and Kupp. Kupp has at least 10 targets in the first 3 games and was bringing in over 75 percent of them. That’s huge production, and he has a touchdown in every game with five on the season. He finally is breaking out.
  2. Mike Williams – He is a huge piece of that Chargers offense, as in his first three games, he nabbed 31 targets. He’s like Kupp in regards to yards, receiving, targets, and touchdowns.
  3. Ja’marr Chase – He’s not getting the targets, but he’s getting open for some huge plays while leading the league at one point this season with the most 40-yard touchdowns. He could be the No. 1 receiver in that offense that does not look too bad this year. Ja’marr is looking like one of the best rookies out of college behind Najee Harris.

TE’s- Tight Ends aren’t huge for fantasy because there’s only a handful of good options, but if you pick a good one it could make your fantasy team a lot stronger.

  1. Darren Waller – He is in a big role in a Raiders offense that doesn’t like to run much. Quarterback Derek Carr is having a good year up to this point, and if he continues to, then Waller is going to be right there with him. He’s a consistent and reliable player.
  2. T.J. Hockenson – He had a down week, but he came back with around the same amount of targets in his first two weeks. If he remains to get these targets then he’s going to be a definite start every week.