It’s official: In April, D214 will allow more students to attend school in-person

Darina Lubenov, Staff Reporter

All students in Township High School District 214 are now invited to attend in-person learning for seven weeks starting April 5.

Before, District 214 allowed students to participate in a hybrid learning schedule. Groups of students in different-numbered groups would go to schools on their assigned date. This schedule was stopped right before Thanksgiving break in November.

At the start of second semester, students were once again allowed to choose between in-person and e-learning.

Announced in an email on March 5, students who have not signed up for in-person learning have the opportunity to either stay at home or return to normal classes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Cook County allow schools to reopen to more copious amounts of students as long as guidelines are followed. The CDC is also pushing to get teachers nationwide vaccinated. 

Masks will continue to be mandatory in all D214 classrooms along with proper distancing (that may be reduced to less than six feet), contact tracing and proper disinfection of surfaces.

District 214 officials sent an extension form to students who did not want to return. These students will continue to be supported academically even if they are not in physical school. Those who do not fill out the form by March 15 will be assigned to in-person learning and cannot back out.

However, students can still continue to attend extracurricular and co-curricular activities at EGHS. 

An upcoming board meeting will be held on March 18 at the Academy of Forest View Educational Center.