Sports Column: Luka Doncic represents wave of youth in NBA

Alek Para, Staff Reporter

What were you doing at 16?

Some people would say they might be have been getting their driver license. Some would say they were starting a job at McDonalds or Jewel or something like that. 

Luka Doncic would say that he was playing for Real Madrid’s basketball team against the Boston Celtics. At least that gives the Celtics the chance to say that they “stopped Doncic,” even though he’s averaged 23 points per game, 7 assists per game and 5 rebounds per game against them which are actually lower than his averages of 29-9-9.

Then again, he was playing against the second-best defense when it comes to points allowed per game and a defense that ranked fourth-best.

But beyond that, Doncic was ahead of Jayson Tatum, Anthony Davis, Zach Lavine and Kawhi Leonard in field goals. He was ahead of point guard Chris Paul, and ahead of LeBron James in points scored this season.

And he’s doing this all at 21 years old.

By the time Doncic hits his prime years, I’ll probably be in college writing about him in a better setting than my childhood bedroom.

By the time Doncic hits prime years, LeBron could be retired (or not, the man is seemingly invincible to age).

By the time Luka Doncic hits his prime years, the basketball stars we looked up to as kids will be out of the league and we’ll be in a time where NBA players could be younger than me, which is gonna be really weird for me to adapt to.

Doncic will certainly have to work on his fitness and strength, having missed some time due to injury. He’ll have to improve his defense as well, as he ranks below 38 other players, although that may be a side effect of the evolving NBA game. The league has shifted seemingly overnight from defensive-oriented basketball to three-point-or-nothing offense, which if executed right, will definitely beat other teams that you couldn’t otherwise. Considering Doncic, the young star is easily one of the best offensive players in the league and his skillset is almost unmatched in the league. 

So where do I stand? Where will he be in 2025?

Well, he’s going to be the best player in the NBA. He’ll be past Giannis, Trae Young, Jayson Tatum and other young superstars.

And considering his rise right now, he’s already pretty close.