Senior Column: Luka Turanjanin

Luka Turanjanin, Sectional Editor

Since I started my freshman year, working for The Guardian has been one of the most significant moments of my high school career. I remember on Freshman First Days, walking to Mr. Modelski’s classroom and casually greeting him at the front door as he was awaiting students. I learned in just a few seconds after shaking his hand that I had to be redirected to the activities plan for freshman that day, but that he would also be my journalism teacher.

Since I started at Elk Grove, media has slowly evolved to become my passion. Learning the nature of news writing and how different media gets produced was just a fascinating concept that opened the idea to me of exploring a career in broadcast media.

Going around and doing interviews with people was an interesting experience during my time working for the newspaper. I enjoyed interacting with so many different people of various natures and personalities; it just opened a window seeing the activities of other students in high school, no matter what grade they were in or what skills they possessed. 

No matter what was going on in whatever school year, I still found myself interviewing interesting people with various goals, achievements and passions.

How many people I’ve worked with along with the newspaper, and the students of the later multimedia class, are all awesome people. I’ve genuinely enjoyed the company of my peers in the journalism multimedia class, whether they’re still attending, or have already graduated from Elk Grove.

Looking back overall on the experience of my high school career, I have found my passion for media and production. I owe it all to my journalism program and the curriculum itself.

As for my future efforts, my main desire is to have a career that puts me behind a TV screen. I want to get involved with newsroom production, maybe even show business. I’d love to see myself become a newscaster, maybe even have my own talk show. 

My passion for working with media gives me the drive to explore my career opportunities post high school. I hope to further develop my passion for media with a major in broadcast journalism at the University of Missouri (aka Mizzou). Thank you all to those who have supported me in my efforts during the four years I’ve spent writing for the Elk Grove Guardian.