Point/Counterpoint: “Story of My Life” vs. “Fuyunohanashi” from “Given”

“Story Of My Life” by One Direction vs. “Fuyunohanashi” from “Given”

Darina: A vivid memory appears when I hear this song off “Midnight Memories.” The glow of my iPod screen mixed with the scent of 2013 air, car speakers blasting lyrics by Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry. This song cannot match up to anything else anyone has to offer on the table. I’m serious. The lyrics, the beat, the video, it all ties back to how deep this song is. You know, coming from a Boy Band. It tells the story of a break up. They sing, “Running after you is like chasing the clouds, the story of my life.” It’s one of my favorites from One Direction because of how meaningful the lyrics are. They’re going back and forth with this certain someone, still going back to the manipulation and hurt that they made the five 1D boys feel. 10/10 experience, one of my favorites from this album. 

Fallon: Girl, I so love that we’re like switching genres. But anyway, your song is inferior. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. A little bit of manipulation? Girl, try a dead boyfriend for lyrical darkness. The anime “Given” is about a boy, Mafuyu, learning to play guitar with the help of a classmate, Uenoyama. Of course, though, Mafuyu’s guitar isn’t just any old thing; it’s the guitar that he was given after his boyfriend, Yuki, died. Yes, girl, the song comes with a plot, and a backstory. The tune of Fuyunohanshi was something that Mafuyu always hummed, which made Yuki want to make it into a song for Mafuyu, but it never happened because he died. Then Uenoyama heard Mafuyu humming it when they met. Later on in the show, Mafuyu ends up joining Uenoyama’s band as the vocalist, and Uenoyama composes Fuyunohanashi for Mafuyu, then Mafuyu writes the lyrics. OK, I’m ranting, but this song is so sad, happy, heartbreaking and healing all at the same time..

Darina: Now our reads on this article will drop because of your Anime review, Fallon. We know nothing about Uenoyama or Mafuyu. Girl, this is a Point/Counterpoint, not a movie review for a show-and-tell. In “Story of My Life,” Harry Styles sings in the first verse how “these words will be written on my stone.” The harsh words coming from his past lover are ones he hears constantly making the song way deeper than some guitar tune from a dead boyfriend. Hate me for it, I don’t care. I am a die hard Directioner as of now. Also, you’re explaining the rant but not the actual depth of the song. We get the backstory, but the verse could just be a drum solo and you would start tearing up and say it’s because of a character’s dead boyfriend. “Story of My Life” is the obvious winner here. People will click on this because they see One Direction.

Fallon: Oh, you wanna talk about lyrics? OK, Miss Darina, how about “Your everything has lost its tomorrow?” Or maybe you want, “Hey, what kind of tomorrow should I look for in this town?” I think what you really want is, “Two people who were always together are now torn apart.” And you wanna talk about the translation? Darina, you clearly don’t care for music unless it has something to do with wild emo partying or despair, so I won’t even try with you anymore, but you should know that you are missing out.