Glasses vs. Contacts

Tiffany Kajiwara and Naomi Wiley

Tiffany: Ah, glasses and contacts, the age old debate over which of the two is better at keeping us from running into walls due to our rapidly progressing blindness. Honestly, if I didn’t have glasses, my head would probably be as dented as a golf ball from walking into poles every day, so I am quite grateful for the existence of both of these effective devices, but one is clearly superior to the other. Although both glasses and contact lenses get the job done, glasses are definitely better than contacts.

Naomi: Contacts are not affected by weather change and will not fog up in cold weather like glasses which can be a constant bother as you constantly have to clean off your glasses. Also glasses block out your peripheral vision which can be very hazardous while driving. Conversely, contacts help make your eyes more focused and decrease the chances of one getting into an accident. It seems that contacts are more dependable when it comes to doing activities and being safe.

Tiffany: Maybe, but glasses are harder to lose, which is normally an enormous problem considering how often I absentmindedly leave them in the abyss. With a much larger frame, glasses can be spotted more easily than a miniscule contact lens, and visibility is crucial considering the searcher has terrible eyesight. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are so much smaller. If a contact lens pops out, good luck trying to find it. You’re reduced to crawling around on the floor, searching for your tiny, fragile contact lens and the rest of your dignity.

Naomi: Glasses are fragile and expensive to replace, whereas contacts are a lot easier to replace and cheaper. If you break a pair of glasses, you would have go through the routine of getting re-fitted for a new pair. Eyesight determines what glasses you get because the thicker they are, the more you have to search for a bigger frame. That can be a hassle versus getting a pair of contacts that are so simple to put in. Plus contacts are easier to match with outfits, but glasses don’t match with everything.