‘The Simpsons’ vs. ‘Family Guy’

Nic Baggetto and Danny Kummer

Nic: From the time I was of age to watch inappropriate late night cartoons (so let’s say five), “The Simpsons” has been a staple of my household. Introduced by showrunner Matt Groening back in the late 1980s, its sarcastic take on the American family has defined the series and allowed for someone born 10 years after the show’s inception (me) to share in a communal enjoyment. The show’s less intelligent younger cousin, “Family Guy,” however? I simply can’t say the same.

Danny: “Family Guy,” as a late night animated cartoon, fits its description perfectly. It not only appeals to the five year old audience that you mention through its various fart jokes and easily understandable gags, but it also encompasses segments which appeal to an older audience that the writers are not afraid to cover. The cartoon has a much wider range of topics to cover, whereas “The Simpsons” becomes dry with easily forgettable entire seasons. Overall, “Family Guy” isn’t afraid to go there, whereas “The Simpsons” can’t and won’t accomplish the same.

Nic: Edginess is not what makes a show unique. While “Family Guy” might be less afraid to “go there” than its counterpart,“The Simpsons” offers the restraint and comedic timing of intelligent writers. Both shows have had their lulls (Family Guy still being in one), but it is the strength of the characters that has kept “The Simpsons” on the air for 28 seasons. “Family Guy” has been Nic cancelled twice and was only revived because of DVD sales. Too bad they won’t have DVDs to bail them out next time now that everyone uses Netflix.

Danny:  As a television show however, “Family Guy” isn’t afraid to admit its own flaws. For the 100th episode, the producers invited on ordinary people who hated the show. After all, the show is “immature” and “unfunny,” but that’s what makes it special. It is the heap of garbage that television needs. “Family Guy” is the disease of late night, but no matter how many times it gets cancelled, it will always come back like a bad toe fungus. “The Simpsons” can’t compare.