Girls Badminton improving

Megan Casey, Editor-in-Chief

The girls badminton season started out strong, as the girls attended about five invites this season, which take place almost every Saturday as a way for the girls to be able to practice and enhance their skills.

Last year the team graduated nine seniors, so attending the invites helps the girls, especially the ones new to the team improving their skills for future meets.

“Results are not always favorable,” said Coach Matt Wrobel.

“We have a lot of young players that we’re pulling up, and we’re trying to prepare them for the next three years.”

On Tuesday April 5, the girls competed against Buffalo Grove. The girls go through practice rounds to warm up before their individual team matches begin. Though Elk Grove ended up losing this match, the team looks at their losses as an incentive to work even harder to prepare for their next meet.

At the practices, the girls are focusing on the basic fundamental skills of badminton in order to help the newer teammates be able to build their skills.

“For this year, from our players we expect that they’re going to do their best, learn, enjoy the experience and hopefully we give them a little bit of fire to work in the off season and prepare for next year.”