Lesniak juggles baseball and parenthood


Deandra Diaz and Holly Selesky

Just a few weeks into the baseball season, head coach Steven Lesniak faced a huge adjustment to his schedule and life in general.

In March, Steven and his wife and English teacher Kristen Lesniak had their baby son, Luca. Kristen Lesniak has taken maternity leave to care for their son, but Steven is back to work as both a division head for student success, safety and wellness, and as the varsity baseball team’s coach.

Lesniak started coaching for the EGHS baseball team as an assistant in 2007 when there was an open position. He played baseball in high school and college and his experience in the game helped him get a position as a social science teacher and coach at EGHS.

“Baseball has been a huge part of my life from the time I was a little kid,” Lesniak said. “I grew up playing it for as long as I can remember.”

While juggling his many duties, Lesniak said hopes to be able to give his players as many opportunities and life lessons as possible that come from playing baseball. 

With the birth of his first child, Steven Lesniak had to make several adjustments. 

“I had to miss four days of baseball consecutively,” Lesniak said. “I missed that Wednesday when we had the baby and I didn’t go back to practice until that Monday which put more responsibility on my assistant coaches.”

As Lesniak returns to work as the school dean and varsity baseball coach, he credits his wife Kristen with taking care of their baby while on leave. 

“Mrs. Lesniak is home alone right now and she’s been killing it,” Steven Lesniak said. “She’s a great mom, and she’s been doing it all by herself most days for several hours.”

Even with Lesniak’s tough schedule, he still manages to care for his wife and child Luca. 

“He (Steven) is working really long days right now, but when he gets home, he immediately switches to dad mode and we are definitely partners in this,” Kristen Lesniak said in an email. 

As they adjust, the Lesniak family has become accustomed to this new adjustment, and their colleagues students have been incredibly understanding and encouraging. 

“Luca and I have actually made it to a few EG baseball games to support dad and the team,” Kristen Lesniak said.