Boys lacrosse navigates first official season as varsity sport


Alex Morales

Nick Eizenga, in white, anticipates his opponent’s pass during a lacrosse game in April.

Charles Davenport, Staff Reporter

Erick Morales

A fresh program is loaded with fresh personalities. The same can be said for the Elk Grove boys lacrosse team, which is competing at the varsity level for the first time in the team’s three-year existence.

The team’s head coach is Tony Tosterud, whose son Logan plays on the team. Tosterud is the team’s third head coach in as many years, and some things are finally starting to click for the athletes this year. 

“While I didn’t play for the first three years, I feel like this coach is a great fit (for the team),” senior Niko Thanopoulos said. 

While lacrosse has a short history at EG, there is evident that the squad meshes with Tosterud’s coaching. Thanopoulos, a first year player, is already making an impact for the team. 

“I think if the coach stays around for a long time, and builds the chemistry that definitely helps,” Thanopoulos said. 

Consistency is a theme in the words of the lacrosse players. It’s something that boys lax desperately needs with the constant head coach turnover. Thanopoulos isn’t the only one hopeful about the program, as sophomore Nick Jasinski said he feels the same way. 

“We are making progress,” Jasinski said. “As long as we keep the kids together.”

Jasinski and Thanopoulos both agree that lacrosse at EG all comes down to chemistry. Tosterud has his work cut out for him, but he is already moving the program forward. The boys team got its first win of the season May 4 against Wheeling. 

“We’re making steps in the right direction,” Jasinski said. “Hopefully we are going to get better.”