‘Disenchanted’ not so enchanting after all

Alexa Di Novo, Staff Reporter

The iconic 2007 movie “Enchanted” was a cinematic masterpiece, created between both the cartoon world and real life. Fans have gone 15 years begging for more Enchantment, and we finally have it. 

However, “Disenchanted” — released to the platform Disney+ on November 16 — abruptly left viewers disappointed.

Prior to this film, the main character Giselle was just the sweetest. Don’t believe me? She would sing and animals would flock to her window and consistently gave every living thing a chance. Yes, even the rats in her toilet. 

Now living in the real world for many years, Giselle suddenly grows bored of her everyday life, which she realizes is not as enchanting as her former cartoon world, Andalasia. 

Giselle and her husband Robert decide to relocate their lives and move outside of New York City to Monroeville, a suburban town. What they don’t take into account, however, is that life outside of the cartoon world will never be the same.

After moving, Giselle is still unhappy and wishes that her life was perfect. She then accidentally casts a spell on her entire life, causing everything to lose balance. 

What ultimately disappointed fans of this character was her sudden turn to evil. After casting the spell, Giselle desires to become an evil stepmother and rule the world and desperately needs saving. 

While watching, I was left confused and dumbfounded. How could such a sweet character become so tremendously evil so quickly? What did Giselle even do so wrong? How could a Disney movie be so upsetting?

By the end of the movie, I felt as though the plot of “Disenchanted” compared to its predecessor strayed from what made the first one popular. It definitely needed some work. 

Despite this, I was very pleased with the character development of Giselle’s teenage stepdaughter, Morgan, and also the relationship development between the two of them. By the end, I felt very proud of the love they had for one another. 

They both evolved not only as characters, but also as family members; the love between them is undeniably hard to break. 

Overall, I definitely believe that this movie was not as enchanting as the first, and there is a lot of room for improvement. I 100 percent prefer the first movie, and will not be watching this one again.