Martin Gonzalez puts musical talent on display

Ashley Lucero, Staff Reporter

Every staff member or student who has walked past the music hallway this year has heard the sounds of upbeat banda music from at least two instruments — an accordion and a guitar. 

The two musicians playing to a small crowd of students only make up half of Clave Ventajosa. And one of the people who started it all? Martin Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez was born into a music-loving family, being encouraged by his family to play instruments from a young age. He started to take the hobby seriously at age 9, and now at 18, Gonzalez can play up to eight instruments, his primary being the guitar. 

“He has a knowledge of so many instruments,” band member Mayin Medina said of Gonzalez. “The fact that he’s been able to learn like, so many instruments in a short amount of time is kind of impressive.” 

The dream of forming a band was always front and center for Gonzalez.

But once the COVID pandemic hit, Gonzalez changed his plans. 

Gonzalez played a few songs on his guitar for a party, and the groups present gave tips on how to play better. 

“One of my dad’s friends invited us to a party. He always hires a music group to play there,” Gonzalez said. “The morning after, I picked up the guitar and learned it in one day.” 

Gonzalez continued to play the guitar, playing songs with Miguel Diaz, a close friend of Gonzalez and a member of the band. 

In the following months during quarantine, Diego Sanchez and Medina joined in on the fun. The pair were also a duo, similar to Diaz and Gonzelez, and the four created Clave Ventajosa right around September 2021.

Gonzalez isn’t just interested in the performing part of music, but also the business aspect. 

Gonzalez said he wants to buy a ranch to build a venue to have other music groups perform. He also wants to perform for parties to see what his intended audience wants to hear. 

What music are people enjoying? What are people dancing to? These are things Gonzalez has to keep in mind if he wants to own a venue in the future. 

One of his connections that he mentioned was a man named Jesus Garcia Vasquez, the son of the man who created the famous Mexican band Los Huracanes Del Norte. By playing with him at parties, Gonzalez gets more connections in the music industry. 

The future looks bright for Gonzalez and Clave Ventajosa, with Gonzalez hoping he can expand his band, considered a Grupo Norteño, into a true banda.