TV Review: ‘Euphoria’ misconstrues the high school experience

Stella Alexandropoulos, Staff Reporter

In today’s golden age of TV, there are several shows that are scoring big with a teenage audience. 

One of these shows is HBO’s “Euphoria.”

The first season of “Euphoria” debuted on June 16, 2019, and the show has received a big boost from a teenage audience. After the first season, the show lost some of the conversation surrounding it thanks to a three-year gap in seasons. That was until January 9th 2022, when “Euphoria” Season No. 2 dropped on HBO Max.

“Euphoria,” as you may already know, primarily consists of plotlines that center on drugs and high school relationships. While I like that the show doesn’t sugarcoat what a lot of teens nowadays can go through in and out of school, the amount of times “Euphoria” includes drug and sexual scenes is in almost every single one of the episodes. 

This can have a negative impact on viewers. Just like social media, TV shows can also have a big influence on people’s actions. “Euphoria” is primarily for mature audiences 18 and up, and it’s something that a lot of parents might not want their children watching because of the mature content. The drug abuse in Euphoria is very intense, which tends to lose a lot of the authentic feel that the show can still have. 

Sure, a lot of kids nowadays already have phones by a very young age which allows them to have access to social media and shows like these. But I believe that parents should be aware of what their kids are watching because a lack of education on the content of shows like these can have a negative effect on them.

What does help the show’s case is that at the end of all the episodes, there is an interview with the actors and the director. They each provide their take on the different situations happening during the show, and they also share their thoughts on their roles. The viewers can get a better understanding on why the show is very intense as the actors and the directors share their thoughts. The show’s cast wants to portray what some teenagers endure. 

“Euphoria” is definitely not a show for just anyone. I would not recommend it to anyone who does not like very dark and graphic scenery. Other than that, “Euphoria” at least grapples with the struggles of high school teenagers and different social aspects that center on high school.