‘Eternals’ plot engages audience

Luka Turanjanin, Sectional Editor

One of my favorite phenomenons in fiction is the existence of people that possess powers and origins no human would typically have in the real world.

That being said, I was quite interested in Marvel’s Eternals when I first saw the initial trailer for the film.

Director Chloe Zhao takes the story of the alien group and gives it a flair that just lets you feel the grandeur the main cast experiences. Zhao likes to capture the events with large and beautifully scenic landscapes to show how far and wide our characters have traveled.

That’s what the film tries to capture in its plot and underlying themes. Each of the characters want to live on Earth peacefully and lead lives without any conflict.

Throughout the film we actually do get a better understanding of our 10 different Eternals as they slowly reunite. Seeing how each of them have lived on Earth when separate from one another, it’s fascinating seeing how they’ve adapted with their environments, as it usually reflects so much on their personalities.

Although certain Eternals usually have more screen time compared to the other members, each individual character possesses unique attributes I could find interesting. 

In their process of reunification, we slowly but surely understand the conflicts that divided the Eternals in the first place. Their initial objective of being sent to earth was to protect life on the planet from the deviants. They aren’t allowed to interfere with humankind’s actions.

This clearly creates problems for certain Eternals as some of them wish to help humanity avoid its evil actions and improve Earth as a whole. This, along with the rise of the antagonists’ plan, leads the rest of the Eternals realizing their own collective goal, to protect the planet and whatever wants to attempt to destroy it. 

Ironically, that was the initial job for them, but through plot-twisting circumstances, the goal holds a greater meaning than what they initially intended.

The antagonist is interesting to see since his past and current situation with externals demonstrates the growing rift between them, and his moral situation regarding the growing crisis of the conflict helps overall present just how intense the finale of the film is.

Eternals as a movie possesses a well-rounded cast of protagonists whose personalities and efforts shine throughout the film. I liked seeing how they’ve come to grow and adapt with the world that they’ve come to live and protect. I’d love to see how their situation at the end of the film is expanded in a sequel.