Opinion: How I am grappling with Astroworld as a Travis Scott fan

Stella Alexandropoulos, Staff Reporter

As a Travis Scott fan for many years, I called him my favorite rap artist for as long as I could remember. Most of the songs on my playlist are from his best albums, and I like his music because of the rhythm, lyrics, and rhyming.

I have never been to any concert in my life, but usually, there are thousands of people in the crowd, there are fireworks, there’s Travis jumping into the crowd and a whole lot more crazy stuff. 

In November, Travis Scott performed his Astroworld Festival in Houston. I was scrolling through social media one night when I came across a bunch of videos, articles, posts and even memes about a horrible occasion that took place at this festival. While Scott was performing, his fans in the crowd were being injured, crushed because everyone was so cramped. They were struggling to breathe because of the conditions of the rowdy concert. 

Like any other performer, if something like this happened, he or she would stop the concert. Scott, on the other hand, paused the concert and then just a few minutes later resumed it. He stopped the concert when he heard his fans screaming his name to pay attention to what was happening in the crowd. 

Upon hearing voices from fans and security, Scott stopped performing and was trying to get people to move out of the way so the stretchers could pass through. After the visibly injured people were removed from the concert, Travis continued Astroworld. This is where people had a problem.

Rap concerts are known for raging hard. Rap artists encourage it as well. Usually this causes people to pass out. It has been reported that people have been injured and passed out at many concerts and not just Scott’s.

The difference with people passing out, getting injured or even dying at a Scott performance is that other artists are always known to end the concert when just one person is down. People were furious with the fact that Travis continued to sing when more than five people were injured. 

After the concert, Travis Scott immediately went on Instagram and recorded an apology video. He put a black and white filter over the video to make it look more “dramatic” and “sad” as others claim. As Travis was apologizing in the video he didn’t seem to take as much responsibility as he should have. The video contained Travis talking while putting his hand over his face. It almost seemed like the apology was forced. Fans were extremely angry at how Travis handled the situation. 

After Travis’ lawyer reached out to the families, half of the families rejected Travis Scott’s offer to pay for their children’s funerals because they believed it was demeaning and inappropriate. As of right now Travis Scott is not active on his socials and only has posted a few times since the Astroworld concert. 

As a Travis Scott fan myself, what happened at Astroworld was truly upsetting to hear. I will still listen to his music, but that doesn’t defend his actions.