Top 5 Stan Lee Cameos from the MCU Movies

Fallon Manzella-McReady, Sectional Editor

Ah, yes. I, your most benevolent ruler, have returned to bring you, my loyal subjects, the most relevant and important ranking establishment, which only ranks the most poignant and high-profile subjects.

Welcome, my friends, to the Top Five Stan Lee cameos in Marvel movies.

5) “Hey Man, Make Love, Not War!” Or, Digitally De-Aged Hippie Stan Lee – “Avengers: Endgame” (2019)

In his very last MCU cameo, filmed before his death in 2018, Stan Lee drives (rather erratically) past a time-traveling Tony Stark in an Oldsmobile with a New Jersey license plate. It’s truly splendid, if you ask me, especially once you do more research into the scene. Stan Lee’s passenger, a shag-haired, screaming woman, is actually a digital recreation of the comic-creator’s wife as she looked in the 70’s. 

For a posthumous appearance, it can’t get any sweeter or funnier.

4) “Don’t Make Me Come Down There, You Punk!” Or, Angry Neighbor Stan Lee – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017)

This short-but-sweet cameo occurs just after long-suffering Peter Parker has face-slammed a man he falsely assumed was breaking into a car. Unfortunately, it turns out that the guy was simply locked out of his own car, and when Peter smashes the guy’s face on his car, the alarm starts going off. This, of course, alerts several neighbors and they all mutually decide to stick their heads out of their windows and yell at the struggling hero. It’s funny because it’s believable. I can attest, as an apartment dweller, that any small disturbance will have every neighbor at their windows watching the debacle like meerkats.

3) “Now Don’t You Move, My Hand’s Aren’t As Steady As They Used To Be” Or, Alien Barber Stan Lee – “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017)

I placed this above “Homecoming” because I am 110 percent in love with Taika Waititi’s development of Thor’s character, which was *cough* ruined by the Russo brothers *cough*. Anyways, I might be a little biased because of my deep love for Thor and Waititi, but this is a strong cameo whether you like it or not. I can always appreciate Stan Lee with a giant hair-cutting machine in place of his hand. 

2) “Neither Was Omaha Beach, Blondie” Or, WWII Veteran Stan Lee – “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Now this one might just be my favorite cameo of all time from Stan Lee. One, because it shows that Steve Rogers is an old man in the body of a super-soldier, and two because I am a sucker for the cool-grandpa character type and that is 100 percent what Stan Lee was going for here.

1) “Are you… Tony Stank?” Or, Fed-Ex Delivery Man Stan Lee – “Captain America: Civil War”

My favorite cameo from what I will forever call the “unofficial Avengers movie.” What I think I love most about this cameo is that it is the most perfect end to the movie, and it perfectly shows off the friendship of Tony and Rhodey (the best friendship of the whole franchise, I will not be taking any slander) while also making you laugh away all of the agony of the actual movie. But back to the main point: Delivery Man Stan Lee is god-tier funny. Seriously, it makes me cackle just to think about it. Not to mention, “Tony Stank” is probably the best line ever spoken by any character ever in the entire MCU. I’d say it even tops what Nick Fury said to the World Security Council. I think it’s only fitting that the father of the brand was the one to make it.