Column: Forget the cliches, cherish every moment you have of high school

Hailey Gray, Sectional Editor

After growing up watching “High School Musical” countless times, I imagined high school to be filled with singing, dancing, and a perfect social life. Turns out, it’s not very similar to the movies. It is, however, an experience that we will never forget. 

Going into freshman year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My sister was a senior at the time, so I had heard lots of her stories and opinions,  but I wasn’t sure if mine would be the same. Here’s a little bit of what I’d have to say about high school:

My first piece of advice, as cliché as it sounds, would be to enjoy every moment. Before you know it, your graduation will be around the corner. I feel like I just started high school, yet here I am less than a month away from graduating. 

My second piece of advice would be to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities for help that the school offers. The staff at this school are willing to help you out at almost any given moment of their free time, and I highly recommend looking into that.

Speaking from a student in AP and honors classes, coursework can become overwhelming at times. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help or admit that you’re confused. I can say I tend to struggle with admitting I am confused at times, but there are so many people who will help you without a second thought. 

My third piece of advice would be to get involved in something you are passionate about. Don’t necessarily join a club just to join it. Find something that interests you and pursue it. There are so many different clubs here at EG, so I can almost guarantee you will find a perfect fit. 

New clubs continue to be introduced, so you can even try to start your own club at school. Finding your niche and your strong suit can help you prepare for your future while also introducing you to people who share similar interests. 

After all, some of the people in these clubs may end up being some of your best friends. 

Although high school seems to drag, and it may be boring at many times, it flies by before you can blink twice. Speaking to freshman year me, I would highly encourage myself to cherish every high school moment because high school only happens once.