‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ builds upon bombastic prequels

Spoilers ahead!


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Luka Turanjanin, Sectional Editor

“Godzilla vs. Kong” expands upon one common theme that every monster movie fan knows and loves: the good, old-fashioned epic monster fight.

This, and the continuous expansion of the lore and world-building for the Godzilla and King Kong monsterverse creates a world of possibilities for future movies. 

Althoug these types of monster movies wherein two notable characters fight against each other can be predictable, I still found this “Godzilla vs. Kong” matchup to be enticing.

Yet again, I do question some elements of this large-scale blockbuster. For one, creators seemed to have enlarged the size of King Kong. The beast was originally nowhere near the size as Godzilla, but come on, it’s a detail that doesn’t actually do any harm to the movie’s action.

One thing the movie does best is its CGI. Movies in the monsterverse have usually managed to depict their monsters with absolutely clean and smooth CGI. In “Godzilla vs. Kong” it’s no different. Watching the two cinematic legends duke it out was an absolutely wild experience. The raw strength and head-boss nature of Godzilla versus the wild and rebellious King Kong is as fun as anticipated. Both monsters aren’t taking each other lightly here, and man, do they fight hard. 

As for the main story, it does one thing that I found reasonably predictable. A situation arises that pits the two main characters to fight against each other, they have their first fight, build up for the climax before the second fight, then the actual second fight happens, the realization the two characters were pitted against each other by a larger antagonist, the true antagonist appears, the two main characters fight them off, and all conflict is resolved.

The human characters in the film usually don’t have anything that special to go with them. There are two new characters in this film that contribute more towards the impact of the story, but everyone is sort of just one-note.

While I did find “Godzilla vs. Kong” to be linear and predictable in certain respects, I can’t help but praise the genuinely well-directed nature of modern monster movies like this one. With a greater sense directed now towards the world-building of the Godzilla/Kong monsterverse, fans should be ready to expect another crazy, action and monster packed story in the future.