Point/Counterpoint: Songs with the Same Title, Part 3

Songs with the Same Title: “Psycho” by Muse vs. “Psycho” by Red Velvet


Darina: To start, “Psycho” by Muse is filled with so much meaning. With a quick trip to read the lyrics, you’ll assume that it’s from the perspective of an army general screaming at a soldier. But that’s not the case. You have to take into account the album cover, the surrounding tracks, the guitar riffs, and of course the underlying lyrics. It’s a song about taking control and using people to your advantage, something that is depicted in the cover art and lyrics. What I love most about this glorious song is how it ties into other Muse songs. This song features one of my favorite guitar riffs, the 0-3-0-5-0-3-0 riff, which calls back to the band’s song “Stockholm Syndrome.” At this point, Fallon,  I’m just numb to whatever you have to say about me. Attacking my arguments as to why my song is better is not evidence for yours. But besides that, this song is wonderful and it’s one of my favorites coming from Muse. 

Fallon: That’s cool, but my Psycho is less about the epic guitar riffs bro and the super deep lyrics. Because my song is K-Pop, and I — as well as many other listeners — don’t speak Korean, so I can’t speak on the lyrics. However, I can speak on the incredibly catchy beat and incredible vocals. This song starts off slow, then throws you into a beat that you can snap along to. There are deep beats under perfect harmonies, and once you pair those with the stunning and intricate live performances that K-Pop always promises, listening to this song or, even better, watching Red Velvet perform it is pure bliss.

Darina: I’ve always found a common theme in some K-Pop songs, and that’s that there isn’t usually a continuing story line. Without deep lyrics I find some music to be empty. I took the liberty to translate the lyrics only to find out that they are empty words that the beat barely makes up for. “I get dizzy and sad without you,” and “then we hug again,” literally what even is that? No emotion. No soul. No depth. I would compare your song to “Savage Love” by Jason Derulo. It was literally produced in a trash can, that’s how bad this song is. “Psycho” by Muse, however? A masterpiece. Re-read the evidence if it is not enough for you, Fallon. This song tops anything you have to offer. Beautifully crafted rhythm with an amazing riff? Yes ma’am. Depth that exceeds anything you’ve ever thought of before? Yes. 

Fallon: Girl, Darina. Please, you’re so salty. Who hurt you? Not my song, that’s who. My song is fire. Literally you can snap to my song. Every time we do this, it’s like you purposely choose the angstiest, angriest, loudest songs from your Spotify Wrapped. Literally there are swear words in your song. Not very school appropriate, Darina. Why are you so angry? Why? Why do you enjoy feeding the flames of your rage? There’s no reason for anyone to listen to this, I literally almost popped a blood vessel just listening to it. My brain comes out of my ears like the play doh noodle maker machine. Why Darina, why?