Koski retires from reassessment room post after 15 years at EGHS

Hailey Gray, Staff Reporter

Joe Koski, Elk Grove High School’s testing assistant, has helped EG students make up their work for the past 15 years.

Koski said he loved playing his part in the EG community, he is set to retire at the end of the 2020 school year.

Previously to EGHS, Koski worked as a math teacher at Thomas Middle School, and he was also a counselor for seven years. After retiring from his teaching position in 2005, he headed over to EGHS to become a testing assistant.

Throughout his time at EGHS, Koski said his favorite part of working at the school has been getting to know the great staff and helping high school students achieve their academic goals.

“Working at EG has allowed me to help students from a diverse school population,” Koski said in an email. “I have learned from them and I hope that I was able to make a difference in their school experience, even if it was a small one.”

Working at the school for 15 years also provided him with lots of information on how the school works, and how enjoyable being a staff member could be. He said if he were to speak to any new member of the staff, he would tell them that they are working at a school with a great staff that really cares about the students and everyone in the school community.

“The people are warm and friendly, and I would encourage any new staff member to try to talk to any staff member they come in contact with during the day to find out how welcoming they can be,” Koski said in an email.  “Getting to know the students is another obvious way to understand just how caring the school is as a whole. It is a great place to work”.

Evrem Kurtulus, a current sophomore at EGHS, said Koski was always setting a good mood in the retake room, even though it was a place dedicated to testing. It made the testing center as enjoyable as possible.

“Whenever I needed to make up or retake any tests/assignments, he always helped out with such a positive attitude,” Kurtulus said. “He was always seen with a smiling face.”

Along with working in the assessment center, Koski also put in time outside of school as a girls bowling coach for two years. Since he started bowling at the age of 5, he loved being able to share all the knowledge he had gained over time with the team members.

“The girls were receptive to my instruction and advice, which made it a very enjoyable experience for me,” Koski said.

After his retirement, Koski said he plans to spend more time with his family, including his seven grandchildren. He also is looking forward to lots of golfing, fishing, traveling and driving around in his 1968 Camaro when he gets the chance.

He says he wishes he could have said farewell to the staff and students in person, but he’s thankful that he had the opportunity to meet theme during the last 15 years at EG.