Losacco leaves EG with legacy of school spirit, enthusiasm

Hailey Gray, Staff Reporter

To say that Senior Paolo Losacco has made his mark on Elk Grove High School would be quite the understatement.

While balancing co-curriculars such as swimming and water polo, the senior has sought to get involved in as much as possible beyond the classroom.

Losacco maintained his position as an EG Nation leader, kept his grades up to achieving an honor roll status, participated in countless social activities and prepared himself for postsecondary success.

In the fall, Losacco will attend University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study kinesiology in hopes of becoming a physical therapist in the future. He said he feels very prepared thanks to several staff members throughout the years who have helped him to become as hardworking as he is.

“Elk Grove has not only taught me to work hard and respect everybody no matter what, but also that nothing comes easily,” Losacco said.

Losacco said he works to show as much school spirit as possible in any given circumstance. It’s why he became an EG Nation leader at the end of his sophomore year.

“What once was thought of as an ‘only for seniors’ role has since been transformed to a role that can be done with great success by anyone who has the commitment and drive to make it a reality,” Nation sponsor and math teacher Tom Walloch said. “He is always willing to step out of comfort zones and push the limit of what he is able to achieve.”

With this role, Losacco not only led the student section at every football game, but also committed to showing up for volunteer or community events, encouraging younger students to get involved and motivating other Nation students to get excited for upcoming events. He said he works to maintain a positive EG reputation everywhere he goes.

“He has exuded the spirit of EGHS and being a Grenadier, and this will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact,” Walloch said. “If he could, he would throw Elk Grove on his back and carry us to stardom.”

With everything he’s been involved in during his high school years, several classmates and students view Losacco as a good influence to look up to.

Losacco not only feels spirited for specifically EGHS, but also for our country as a whole. This past year in November, he earned the VFW’s $1,000 scholarship as a result of his love and passion for America.

“I will also always remember Paolo for his patriotism,” history teacher Stephanie Kezios said. “That is a characteristic that he and I share. Paolo is a proud American and his service to others sets a great example for young people in this community.”

Losacco said the bonds he has built with fellow staff members throughout his four years at EG have definitely impacted him most. These relationships, he says, have helped him stay focused and dedicated while enjoying high school at the same time.

“Mr. Walloch has helped me with not only lots of schoolwork, but even making life decisions as well,” Losacco said. “[Water polo] Coach [Keith] Kura also taught me to be a man and always work my hardest. Mr. [Colin] Rice, Miss Kezios, and Mrs. [Effie] Kalkounos have also helped me with tons of schoolwork and were great people to talk to whenever I needed them,” Losacco said.

Along with bringing that contagious positive energy to the crowd during school wide events as the EG Nation leader, Losacco has also helped to make the classroom a fun and enjoyable place to learn.

“I just try to be as happy and upbeat as possible and spread that energy onto other people around me,” Losacco said. “It’s impossible to please everyone, so always be yourself despite what others may think.”

Just one example of this was last year during his junior AP United States History class. His teacher, Kezios, was giving a lecture on the French and Indian War, during which she had a picture of the “Join or Die” snake in her slideshow.

Seeing the snake reminded Losacco of a story relating to the EG Nation’s rally snake, causing him to ask for Kezios to return to the slide after she changed it, in order to take a picture of it. It brought good humor to the classroom and led to both Kezios and his classmates having a good laugh.

“Because that was fairly early in the school year, it helped me anticipate what the rest of that year would be like,” Kezios said. “It was great, in large part due to Paolo’s positive energy.”

Although the class of 2020 ended their high school career much differently than they had originally planned, Losacco is still very grateful for all EGHS has done for him and his future.