Buxton finds family time during basketball season


Brian and Jennifer Buxton pose with their baby. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Buxton.

Gavin Ewen, Sectional Editor

When Jennifer Buxton came back from maternity leave in November, she felt quite overwhelmed getting back into the swing of things.

“I went from being at home, to coming back to teach, on top of running the girls feeder basketball program and running the high school basketball program and tryouts and everything,” Buxton said. “So it went from zero to 100 real quick.”

Although Buxton said she doesn’t feel she spends enough time with family, she admitted that she is doing the other thing she loves most: coaching basketball.

And one of the biggest obstacles that Buxton encountered was time management. Buxton said she has been managing her time very well and is getting most of her work done, all the while adjusting to this new chapter in her life.

“I use my off periods to full extent,” Buxton said. “I don’t have time to hang out because I have too much to do.”

Buxton said she felt a little anxious when returning to the job, but now that she knows that her family is very caring and loving for the situation, that feeling has simply faded away.

“It is a huge adjustment, but one we planned for and wanted,” Buxton said. “Now [my daughter] is my No. 1 priority. Our everyday life has changed because what I want to do is no longer the important thing, but what is best for her. We love every minute of it and are soaking up all of the new changes for us.”

As for taking care of her baby, Buxton said she has had great family support from her mother and husband. Her mother takes care of the baby during the school day and her husband has the duties during practices and games.

A typical day for Buxton includes getting up early and arriving at school by 7:15 a.m. Her day progresses with grading, making practice plans for basketball, watching film and putting together scouting reports during the basketball season.

Practices were either at 3:30 or 5:30 p.m., and by the time she arrives home, Buxton gets to see her baby and puts her down to bed by about 8 p.m.

And to cap the night off Buxton typically works out, watches a few TV shows and finally gets some rest after a long hard working day.

Now that basketball season is over, the days will be a bit shorter, but still very tiring, Buxton said. She said she’ll continue to take part in family activities while also spending time with her sister and her four children.

Oh, and don’t forget watching basketball.

“With my daughter being so young, this is about as much as we do,” Buxton said. “I know it will just get busier in the future.”