Julian K’s Top 5 Movies of the Decade

Julian Koonce, Sectional Editor

What’s this? Julian’s back on the Entertainment page?

Well, call this West Virginia, because I’m back to the place I belong. Of course I come bearing the greatest gift of all: an all new Top 5. For this issue we’re taking a look at some movies that defined my last decade, but for the sake of the paper let’s call it the “Top 5 Movies of the Decade.”

5) “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” (2015) – There was once a time when bringing up the “Star Wars” saga didn’t incite a riot among the heavily divided fan base. In fact, in 2015 there was nothing but high hopes and expectations in anticipation for the continuation of the Star Wars franchise.

This seventh installment of the mythical trilogy was received fairly well. Noted for its similarity to the original, but not as despised George Lucas’ prequel series, Disney’s first jab at Star Wars was a safe one and a fun time for anyone who was a fan.

4) “Knives Out” (2019) – Director Rian Johnson’s first film of the decade was “Looper” (2012). Somewhere along the line he ruined “Star Wars,” but he eventually gave us one of the best drama-thrillers of the decade with “Knives Out.” If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend seeing it with friends as it makes the movie leagues more fun.

Starring Daniel Craig with a Col. Sanders-like accent, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, “Knives Out” brings us one of the most star-studded casts in recent memory. However, the cast isn’t what makes the movie. The film is a masterfully-written mystery that keeps you guessing what’s going to happen until the end. Oh, and not to mention that it features a thrilling and haunting score by Nathan Johnson.

3) “The Social Network” (2010) – Ah yes, the film that turned Jesse Eisenberg from a zombie-slayer to an Academy Award winner. “The Social Network” was a gem given to the world during Facebook’s reign of terror following the execution of MySpace at the beginning of the decade.

The film explores the early days of Facebook through multiple sources who were there from the beginning. Cleverly avoiding any one POV, we’re taken through the journey that broke friendships and started empires with dueling truths.

2) “Chronicle” (2012) – If this were a list about the most underrated movies of the decade this would no doubt be at the top spot. I initially saw “Chronicle” while I was far too young to appreciate it for what it is. While it is a movie about some high schoolers that get super powers, it’s much more dramatic and sorrowful than it may sound.

“Chronicle” sees Dane DeHaan at his best alongside a young Michael B. Jordan playing two out of three classmates who end up accidentally obtaining telekinesis. The found footage style of the movie enables a realistic take on the situation and leaves room for some of the most extraordinary one-shots I’ve ever seen.

1) “Get Out” (2017) – I’ve been looking for an excuse to talk about Jordan Peele’s directorial debut for almost two years now, because it is just that good. Nobody could have expected arguably the funnier half of “Key and Peele” to bring us the thrilling mystery ride that “Get Out” was.

One viewing isn’t enough for this film, full of countless hidden messages and double entendres. This Academy Award-winning classic is saturated with social commentary and should be taken seriously because of what it’s trying to say. There are few experiences that compare to the first viewing of “Get Out.”