Senior golfer Morton lends a hand to underclassmen teammates

Gavin Ewen, Sectional Editor

As a senior golf player, Noah Morton has stepped up and coached the underclassmen on the golf course.

And that’s not the only place where he’s been a leader.

“I want to make my teammates feel like they get better everyday and that’s key as a young golf player,” Morton said.

Morton has risen to a leadership role on the boys golf team this fall. Head coach Brian Bucciarelli has noticed Morton do everything from give advice on the course to helping kids with schoolwork.

“I’ve watched him tutor kids on the way home from courses to help others be more successful,” Bucciarelli said.

With freshmen and sophomores participating on the Grens golf squad this season, Bucciarelli adds that his teammates also see Morton as someone to follow. Bucciarelli said he notices the younger players seem to gravitate towards Morton, while trying and replicating his work ethic or to even seek confidence before a round.

“When teammates look for direction they more often than not go to him to seek advice,” Bucciarelli said.

Besides helping his teammates, Bucciarelli says that Morton also has some great attributes as a player. One of them is his work ethic. Morton gets lessons to improve his game and is always looking to get 1 percent better everyday.

During his lessons and practices his strictly works on craft, which is an essential part to being successful in golf. He maintains his grades and even has a job at the local Jarosch Bakery while juggling golf and his school work.

“[Morton] is a very well-rounded kid and will have a ton of success in his lifetime,” Bucciarelli said.

Morton himself believes that to be apart of a team, you have to have some type of leadership, and you need to help your teammates. With only a few coaches, they aren’t able to keep an eye on everyone at once, so somebody needs to step up.

Morton has been that person over the past few years, and now a senior, Morton is trying to really make an impact more than ever in his final year at EG.

With the season winding down, both Bucciarelli and Morton hope for successful rounds at the conference tournament, which takes place Oct. 18 and 19.

“I am hoping for a successful end to the season, which has been a pretty good one to say the least,” Bucciarelli said.