‘MLB: The Show’ updates add excitement to baseball season

Gavin Ewen, Staff Reporter

For the past few years, “MLB The Show” has virtually been the same game and the rosters are just updated.

This year though, the game has made drastic changes in various areas.

San Diego Studios and Sony Productions promised an award-winning “MLB: The Show” game this year, and it exceeded expectations. With many changes in “Road To The Show” mode and in other places throughout the game, it’s sure to quickly become a fan favorite.

First, there’s the “Road To The Show” mode, where you create and customize your own player. You start off by being drafted by a team and you work your way all the way up through that team’s minor league system until you become an everyday MLB player.

This year, you can now choose the team you want to be on, which makes it enjoyable because now you can play on the team you love.

Another change to “Road To The Show” mode is now you can customize and create your own swing. You don’t have to use the default swing which is provided when you start the mode. Also, in this mode,” players are able to transfer your player from last year’s version of the game with all your data saved from the previous game. This is an upgrade, because now you don’t have to start from scratch with a brand new player.

Another favorite mode of mine is Diamond Dynasty, which is where you start with a subpar team and then play your way up to be a dynasty. You get rewards after every game you play which include better player, coins, and other collectables. There wasn’t many changes to this mode year, but there is a change involving lineups. You can now set multiple lineups depending on the opposing pitcher, or the teams defense.

Then, you can choose whichever lineup fits for that game. The last change to Diamond Dynasty is that the developers took away the ticket counter and souvenirs. These were just a big hassle in previous games and got in the way of you improving your team, so now it is much faster to get you team better.

In addition, there are various other changes in the regular gameplay and not all the modes. There are new themed scoring graphics and they also included a new sideline reporter, which really gives that in-game aspect that I love.

Also, there is now the latest equipment is in the game, which includes the new Wilson A2500 Glove and the Old Hickory Pro Ash Bat which is used by all-star Mike Trout.

And finally, another in-game change is that they equipped players with their actual batting stances and pitching motions.

This is a quality characteristic, because it really shows who the players are, and they dive into their own unique way of doing what they do on the diamond.

Overall, this game keeps getting better and better every year, which has kept me buying the game for the past five years.