‘The Upside’ stars inject humor into emotional journey

Natalia Habas, Sectional Editor

If there’s an upside to the “The Upside,” it’s the film’s emotional power that I never thought I could identify with.

“The Upside” touched a part of my heart and my mind that I don’t usually visit. I don’t usually come across movies that leave me thinking. But with this film, I walked out with a more sensible and realistic point of view on life. It is truly a heartfelt, touching movie with a humorous side that all teach the bold message of acceptance.

The film, directed by Neil Burger (known for “Limitless” and “Divergent”), tells the story of Philip, an old, rich quadriplegic who is looking for a caretaker to help him. The main characters Philip (played by “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston) and Dell the caretaker (played by Kevin Hart) display amazing chemistry throughout the film. It’s evident that the two actors not only have a bond while acting, but behind the scenes too.

Cranston, as usual, played his part outstandingly. And although we see his comedic side in this film, Kevin Hart proved that he could play a more serious role. He showed his maturity without losing his humorous touch.

Personally, I found that the plot of the film was well constructed. The juxtaposition of the characters’ different backgrounds make it more entertaining. Their differences highlight a variety of perspectives for viewers to relate to, and the plot itself shows an abundance of real life struggles. From success, to struggles as a father, to disabilities, the film touches on a broad range of life’s subjects. It addresses real world issues without losing its funny bone.

Overall, the film recognizes many lessons that society could take away. Those include accepting differences, looking for the positive, giving opportunities, giving second chances and being open-minded to others.