Winter Formal survives the cold

Katlyn Schwarz, Staff Reporter

Just like with Homecoming and Prom, Elk Grove High School’s very own sophomore student council plans out an entire week full of activities and fun to promote that Saturday’s dance.

Sadly, it would seem as though not everything would go as planned the week before.

On Monday, Jan. 28, Elk Grove Village, as well as many other cities throughout the Midwest, were pummeled with what one may refer to as “The Blizzard of 2019.” Of course, this led to school being canceled. As well as Winter Week’s first event: the student dodgeball tournament. Many students had signed up in teams for this event. However, dodgeball would not be the only event to be canceled.

That following Tuesday was Karaoke Night. Students were supposed to meet after school in the theatre and sing a song of their choice to compete in the competition. Whoever won that night would also go on to sing said song in that Thursday’s pep assembly. Although EGHS did in fact have school, this event was also canceled.

Wednesday’s movie night, which many students were looking forward to, was canceled as well due to extreme cold.

Thursday, the final day of Winter Week, the day of the assembly, was also called off due to aforementioned extreme cold. As it would seem, all after school Winter Week activities were canceled.

“The students were disappointed, but still optimistic towards the outcome of the dance,” Jackie Keeley, sophomore student council advisor and English teacher, said regarding the cancellations.

Due to having no school almost that entire week, prices for the dance were lowered to $10 during the week and $15 at the door the night of the dance. While none of the events took place, there were still more than 200 ticket purchases for students attending the dance.

So, despite hardships dealing with activity cancellations and not having school, there was a pretty spectacular student show up count at the Winter Formal this past Saturday.

Sophomore student council had put in many hours of work into making sure that the dance was still going to be possible in the midst of the cold.