EGHS singers qualify for prestigious choir conference

Luka Turanjanin, Staff Reporter

Two Elk Grove High School choir members Nick Benjamin and Ariel Williams have both qualified into the American Choir Directors Association (ACDA), where this year they will perform with singers all across the nation.

According to both Benjamin and Williams, the moments they spend with choir are unforgettable, including this most recent honor. The two students said they were grateful for the support they received, and that choir has opened many doors for both of them. 

“I want to give to [choir] as much as it gave to me,” Benjamin said. 

EGHS choir director Sarah Catt said she enjoys that choir has really talented students, but also has very dedicated and hardworking students as well. 

Catt has been very proud of her students, as not only did two students make it into the ACDA, but other students in the past have entered into organizations such  National NAFME Honor Orchestra (Tomoko Sakurayama), and ILMEA All-State Orchestras and Choirs (Sakurayama, Katia Pendowski, Benjamin, Amberly Krol, and Merlyn Manoj).

“I think it’s important to remember that [Benjamin and Williams] are only two of our many amazing choir students,” Catt said.

Benjamin and Williams credited Catt with preparing them for competitions. Williams says that Catt usually takes time to find their strengths and what can be tweaked in their performances.

“She really treats you more like a person before she puts you a singer,” Benjamin said.

On a more serious level, Benjamin said that choir can be both very physically and mentally demanding. Catt prepares students with breathing techniques early in the morning during zero hour.

Oh, and they also do jumping jacks and push-ups.

It’s also mentally demanding in a way where the person is involved zero hour, four period, fifth period and sixth period, then after school at around ninth period. 

“The people are very nice and the experiences I’ve had very very exciting and fun,” Williams said. “This is a really invigorating musical experience.”