Scholastic bowl seeks growth

New sponsors for the club include Mr. Glenn and Ms. Dubnicka.

Stephanie Hultgren-Tagliere, Staff Reporter

The Elk Grove High School scholastic bowl team is on the hunt for members for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Scholastic bowl sponsors Brendan Glenn and Laura Dubnicka are seeking enthusiastic participants to construct the team.

“We would like this program to grow,” the coaches said. “It is a lot of fun, and it is all about having fun at a low risk.”

Scholastic bowl is a trivia game where questions are asked from a variety of topics. During competitions, there are two matches comprised of 20 questions and an intermission, and the first contestant to hit the buzzer with the correct answer gets the point.

Dubnicka and Glenn are two first-year sponsors at the helm of the activity. Members can play as much as they feel comfortable with.

“It is a really fun and low-key activity to join,” Dubnicka said.

Scholastic bowl’s season begins in November, and the varsity season ends in March. Scholastic bowl meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and practices will start the first week of November.

Practices are usually an hour each, and the team is open to all grades.