Nintendo rolls out new titles, features for Switch system

The Japan-based gaming company revealed new titles and benefits for Nintendo Switch subscribers.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Luka Turanjanin, Staff Reporter

The popular Japan-based video gaming company Nintendo unveiled some new products for its Nintendo Switch system. What the company has revealed so far could detail an exciting and entertaining future for the company and its systems.

These new changes were announced through a nearly 40-minute livestream on Sept. 13. Shinya Takahashi, who is the head of planning and development at Nintendo, hosted the YouTube stream. The games revealed during the livestream resemble something worth a Nintendo Switch owner’s attention. Here are some of the most important features they’ve released from the livestream:

New titles arrive

At the start of the livestream, it was revealed that Nintendo was officially working on “Luigi’s Mansion Three,” which is scheduled for a 2019 release. It reveals only one new enemy so far: A series of ghosts that Luigi hunts down.

One look at its cover — a tower located around some mountains — and it’s easy to see the game has a new setting. The gameplay looks enticing, but I have one issue: The original “Luigi’s Mansion” had a relatively scary atmosphere in the game. Although this new setting loses that, the game’s not rooted in the horror genre, so it isn’t a huge deal.

“Megaman 11” was another title revealed at the rollout. In celebration of the franchise’s 30-year anniversary, Capcom, the creators of the “Megaman” franchise, revealed its new game on the Nintendo livestream. The game now has more modern graphics than what has been used in previous “Megaman” titles, since most of the games were made made in 8-bit. Its level design looks really strong so far.

The game’s new power-up mechanic called the “Double-Gear System” provides the player with new power-ups, some of which includes slowing down the game around you and boosting your damage. It’s sure to be pleasing to more than just a few “Megaman” fans.

A new “Mario Party” game has also been confirmed via the livestream. The new “Super Mario Party” will arrive October 5. The game has more than 80 different playable games. Certain games have certain innovative mechanics like live-motion controls with the Joy-Con controller. Another feature details how users can link two screens from the Switch together to make it work as one, an innovative mechanic of Nintendo’s. They do bring back the board game system, with its only flaw being character variant dice system, which can give a bit of an unfair advantage for one player over the other. Still, “Super Mario Party” looks like it can be fun, but considering how competitive and toxic it can get between players, I’m still concerned about this game’s future.

A final new title coming to Switch is “Starlink: Battle for the Atlas.” This game from the French gaming company Ubisoft unleashes a new story in the “Starfox” series. The main characters from the franchise, like Fox McCloud, Falco, Peppy and Slippy, are back.

Aside from that, not much is revealed about the new title, other than advanced motion controls for the R-Wing fighter pilots used in the game to fly in any direction a player wishes. You also have the ability to customize the R-Wing’s weaponry to maximize your power in the game. The levels look exciting, and it seems like this game will perform well.

New bonuses for Nintendo online subscribers

Nintendo also rolled out new features for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. They are now able to connect their Nintendo Switches with the online services the company has to offer. On November 18, five features will be available for people with Nintendo Switch Online:

1) The service will continue to provide online play.

2) Users will have access to old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games, with a growing library. Users can play classic games like “Castlevania” and “Super Mario Bros.,” and they can also explore a list of more obscure games.

3) Users also have the ability to download an app on their phones which would allow them to contact friends on the console and talk while playing.

4) The system will save data within the console to a cloud system so that progress doesn’t get lost.

5) Subscribers earn special rewards, which the company is still keeping secret at the moment.  

The recent Nintendo Direct has provided us with some great news in regards to what they have coming for the future. The Nintendo company continues to prove itself as an influential force in the gaming world.