New football coach ambitious for greatness

Sydney Marquis, Staff Reporter

This year’s football team, with all their hard work, are hopeful for a bright future. Not only is there new talent on the team, but there’s a new head coach, Miles Osei.

As the captain of his football team his senior year at the University of Illinois and as the assistant coach at Wheeling, Osei has developed a reputation as a winner and a successful leader. He explained what his goal is for this year’s football team.

“I think the biggest thing this year is establishing an identity and attitude of what Elk Grove football is about,” Osei said.

“I think the community is pretty tough. I think some of the kids are pretty tough, and I think just instilling that and showcasing that to themselves first and then to other teams this year [is important].”

The football players are working hard to make a change in the program. Senior Azzarre Henderson, a member of the varsity football team, believes they can win conference this year.

“I think what makes this year different is that the team has a better bond, more chemistry, and we’re held accountable,” Henderson said.

Everyone in the football program truly believes Elk Grove football is bound for greatness.

Osei thinks they are going to rise to the top by “holding the kids accountable for everything they do. I think it is something that is different to them; I think we coach them pretty tough, you know, and the philosophy behind that is we want practices and off-season to be harder than anything they face in a game, so when it comes to a game, they don’t feel as much pressure.”

The football players are being groomed for success, and they can see the results just by looking at the first game they played to the last one.

This year’s football players are sure they can change the culture of football at Elk Grove High School into success.

They are not only being taught to be accountable for themselves, but to be accountable for their teammates. There is no “I” in team.