‘Thrones’ develops in seventh season, leaves fans anticipating series finale

Trenton Holmquist, Sectional Editor

Winter has come. After many bloody, deceiving, backstabbing episodes, Game of Thrones has almost reached its climax, and fans are ready to see who ends up on the iron throne.

Though three episodes shorter, season 7 seven of GOT is no less amazing. As described by EGHS English teacher Matt Snow, “finally things happen.” Yes Mr. Snow. Things finally do happen. Being the second to last season, and being short a few episodes, keeping the perfect pace was everything. Instead of the usual anxious build up which GOT is known for, it got straight to the point: winter is here. The catchphrase of the Starks which fans have been hearing since season one has finally come true as now the more immediate threat to our beloved characters is not each other, but the Nite King and his army of Wite Walkers beyond The Wall.

Many conversations will be held over the awesomeness of this season, but not much can be said here as the content would be extremely spoiler heavy. What can be said is the the season was fantastic. Each character has finally developed their persona and accepted who they’ve become and what they have done. The fast pace makes every episode better than the last as something is always happening. The character interactions are definitely something to pay attention to. The funnier characters obviously have no difficulty entertaining one another and the viewers, but it’s the little things that are the most important. It seems season seven has many important lines whispered here and there that watchers need to pay very close attention to, giving the plot a little more ambiguity.

As stated before, there truly are many great things about this season. It’s no doubt that season seven of Game of Thrones is amazing, but it could also be considered one of the best seasons the show has ever had.