Star Wars Prequels vs. The Hobbit

Tiffany Kajiwara and Danny Kummer

Tiffany: Haven’t we done this one before? No? Oh yeah, we did “Lord of the Rings Vs. Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars Vs. Star Trek.” Man, I knew we were running out of ideas, but this is next level.

Well, in that case,“The Hobbit” movies were visually beautiful. Not to mention the acting abilities of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch add so much… Wait, what? I’m supposed to argue for the stampede wreckage that is the “Star Wars” prequels? Shoot.

Danny: Honestly, it’s a very rough task to have to argue against “the stampede wreckage that is the ‘Star Wars’ prequels” because by this point these three movies have already been beaten to a pulp by fans and critics alike. Anything I say about this trilogy will be considered plagiarism because there is nothing original to say about the prequels that most fans want to forget. “The Hobbit” is already in a whole different league because it doesn’t leave you trying to repress the voice of Jar Jar Binks.

Tiffany: The “Star Wars” prequels were worse movies, but they functioned better as prequels. The “Star Wars” prequels were so terrible that they made the original trilogy look better by comparison. “The Hobbit” movies weren’t great, but their cringe factor is nothing compared to the squeak toy that is Jar Jar Binks. “Desolation of Smaug” didn’t set the bar as low, so “Lord of the Rings” looked like a set of okay movies. On the other hand, the “Star Wars” original movies look like Cinderella next to their ugly step-sister counterparts. The prequels made all of us appreciate other movies a little bit more because we forgot what bad movies looked like.

Danny: “The Hobbit” trilogy gave fans something to look forward to. With a satisfying first film and an astonishing second installment, there was a fair amount of hype surrounding the trilogy as a whole. Star Wars fans had to endure two tragedies that Lucas called movies before coming across a decent “Star Wars” movie again, killing all hype for the trilogy before the third installment could be released. Hobbit fans were only let down by the third installment instead of only having hope of returning to the greatness that was the original Star Wars series.