Spider-Man: Maguire vs. Garfield vs. Holland

Nic: If there’s one character Marvel has milked more than a prize- winning cow at the county fair, it’s Spider-Man. We’re on movie number six now? Well, Tom Holland may be cute and British and Andrew Garfield may be… Jewish, I think? But the best Spider-Man is the original, good ol’ frog-faced Toby Maguire, star of the only Spider-Man franchise to really resonate with audiences.

Trenton: The real Spider-Man is none other than my baby: Tom Holland. Spider-Man is supposed to be a high school teen with a cute face and a nerd complex. Does Garfield strike you ask a nerd? No, just look at that haircut. Does Maguire strike you as a nerd? Yes. Very much yes. He also looks like your neighborhood van guy if you know what I mean. When it comes down to it, Holland is the only actor who physically fits the bill.

Liam: I got to choose last on a Spider-Man.

Nic: Just because Holland is young, doesn’t make him better. In fact, I like to think of Maguire as the quarterback of a football team that has just won the Super Bowl. He may not be the best player on the team, but you love him anyway because he’s on the winning team. “Spider-Man 2” is undoubtedly the best film of all six and it’s due to the relatability of Maguire’s version of Peter Parker.

Trenton: Holland is young, yes, but he brings more to the table. He actually seems like a high schooler. Maguire could never pull that off with his Ford Transit, and Garfield was more focused on being mature and responsible. Holland brings the kid to the big screen and gives fans something relatable, both to young viewers and to avid comic book readers. Holland is the one, true web-slinger.

Liam: “The Amazing Spider-Man” was mediocre at best.