Nation gets renovation

Natalia Habas, Staff Reporter

Over the summer, Elk Grove High School has made several renovations and remodelings throughout the building.

Kyle Burritt, associate principal of operations and building contact, worked with District 214 and the Construction Management Firm to create a plan to remodel the school. Each building in the district has a 3 year cycle of construction. One year starts off with construction, then the next school year is an “off year”, meaning no updates are done then a year of planning which is followed by construction again. Pepper is the management company that District 214 has hired to do all of the remodeling. The cost of the construction projects is approximately $4 million.

The pool area, field house, choir room, and theater have all been remodeled. The remodeling started right after graduation last year and is still going on right now. The theater has had new curtains put in, the walls have been painted. “The theater area looks much more updated than before,” says Burritt The field house also has new paint and floors. In fact, the field house construction was set back by a week and a half because of the new calendar this year. The field house construction is becoming a challenge due to fall and winter sports. For example volleyball and cheer cannot take advantage of the space because the remodeling is not finished. The coral room now has its own space to store more items and the pool has new UV filtration systems that save energy and resources. The tile work in the pool has also been done.

Along with the remodeling, the district decided to build a new gym. The gym construction has been set back because Pepper needs more time to get everything built. The sport startings were also postponed for about a week and a half at the beginning of the school year because of the building and construction in the new gym. The new gym construction is the biggest change that has been made and the difference is very noticeable from the outside part of the building.

EGHS had decided to make renovations to the school in order to have more space. The district decided that they needed more space for athletic contest and the fine arts programs. The school also decided to create more space to not have practices for sports very early in the morning but also not very late. All of the construction will allow several different sports to share a space now.

Burritt says, “We hope to have it done by winter sports,”