Online streaming competes with cable

Adrian Santoyo, Staff Reporter

When it comes to TV entertainment, a majority of people get it from cable TV, which has been the norm for a couple of years. With the recent rise of streaming services however, more people are starting to choose streaming services rather than cable.

The reason for sites like Netflix and Hulu attracting numerous customers is because of the price. The average cost of a standard cable package is around $99 and then after a year the cost will increase because of a change in the cable package. Furthermore, cable also charges you extra for channels that you do not even watch. Even if you try to drop your cable service you would have to break your cable contract which would mean you would be paying a fee.

Streaming services are around $8.99 a month, and you can decide what you want to watch. Most streaming services are also customized to what you watch frequently and they alert you when a new show or season is available to watch.

According to various Elk Grove students some prefer streaming services for the same reasons. Luis Lopez, a senior, said, “I prefer streaming than cable because I can watch my favorite show at anytime and I only pay a small monthly fee.”

Senior Omar Andrade also added that, “I prefer streaming services over cable anytime because I’m not limited to just watching it at home, and even more I can

watch any show or movies I desire rather than what is shown on television during that time.”

While streaming services are the better alternative, they still have a few drawbacks. Streaming services require a strong internet connection to work, so if you don’t have one or the internet goes out you have no TV. Also, even though streaming services are customizable, they don’t always have the show you want to watch.

As for cable, there are supporters who say that cable offers more to browse and discover more than streaming. Some people enjoy the thrill of finding a new show that they didn’t know they would like or seeing an old movie playing on a channel. People also say that cable is the best option for viewing sports events since most sports networks are tied with a cable company. Streaming of sports events is possible but it can buffer and miss a point earned or an amazing play.

Senior Brett Taucher prefers “cable because there is more quantity in shows to discover.”

More quantity? Maybe that’s why cable is still preferred by many. However, streaming does have a variety of quality shows that people rave about. Many people would rather have over a hundred channels with so many shows which is what cable offers. Some just want ten shows with great stories, characters and emotion which is what streaming offers. Then again, people like what they like, and it is hard to change someone’s opinion. It is a good thing that streaming services offer a one month free trial to show people if they like the service.