Emergence of Memes

Internet acts as new medium for fame

Danny Kummer, Sectional Editor

As the internet grows and what everyone consumes becomes drastically more different with it, the emergence of memes that get old after a week seem to be more and more common. Obviously, some last longer than others, but crazes like “Damn Daniel” lost their flair after a week or two, while “Harambe” still has crazed fans to this day.

The internet is unpredictable, and it has become impossible to guess what will be next. The people involved in the meme themselves achieve overnight stardom, but only typically maintain it for about a week. “Alex from Target” became a sensation without even knowing it originally, but even he had haters and a spot on the Ellen show.

Society itself is more focused on the internet causing the creation of these memes to become a normality, whereas before these people would never have gotten the millions of followers, fans and haters as they do now because of some stupid trend.

In addition to people, challenges seem to have taken popular websites such as YouTube by storm. Most of these challenges have no discernible origin, but garner millions of views after large YouTube creators pick them up. Challenges such as the Mannequin one seem to pass in and out of the spotlight within a week or two, but large masses of people see their videos of these challenges bringing in massive views, so it has almost turned into a competition to see who can hop on the next viral trend first.

In recent years, the creation of new media for new Internet stars have emerged. There are content creators who exclusively use apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. These platforms have also allowed pre-existing creators on websites such as YouTube to expand their following and viewership. It seems as though in addition to the so- called “one week wonders,” there are opportunities for actual careers on the internet emerging more and more as new platforms arise.

Although the internet is seemingly random in what it deems to be meme-worthy, it has provided many creators with the opportunity to have a stable job in a new market. Trends continue to come and go, but those who have learned how to properly utilize the medium have been able to create whole new brands and keep a stable career for themselves.