Kawhi Leonard vs. Kevin Durant

Naomi Wiley and Gaby Perez

Naomi: Kawhi Leonard has been in the NBA for 6 years versus Kevin Durant who has been in the league for a decade and has made the playoffs almost as many times as Kevin Durant. He’s also a better defensive player than Durant, winning 2 All- Defensive 1st team awards and 2 Defensive Player of the Year awards to Durant’s 0. On average Leonard steals more per game, making him a better defensive player than Kevin Durant.

Gaby: While Kawhi Leonard is a great player especially defensively, Kevin Durant does a much better job of holding his ground and uses his measurements to make difficult shots. He has the ability to switch out into any guard in the league and can hold his own in the post against tougher opponents, something Kawhi can’t do at times. Durant’s versatility is the reason why the Warriors have the top defensive rating in the league.

Naomi: Kawhi Leonard has won an NBA Championship within 6 years in the league. He’s played a huge role when it came to the San Antonio Spurs winning a championship, making him a household name and boosting his career and reputation. Leonard has remained with San Antonio for his whole career and managed to obtain a title while Durant has been in the league longer and has not earned himself a ring.

Gaby: I agree that nothing really beats a championship ring, although that doesn’t change the fact that Kevin Durant is one of the most respected players in the NBA due to his versatility and accomplishments. Durant has won four scoring titles as opposed to Leonard’s zero. Hey, I just got the news that Kevin Durant is injured and will most likely be out for the rest of the regular season. This is really awkward and I feel like I should address it and just take the L. Don’t get me wrong, he will bounce back stronger in the playoffs, but I just felt like I should say something.